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UPS has established a sound reputation for tremendous organic growth, offering on-site supervision and craft labor for daily requirements, flexible manpower loading, planning and scheduling, and KPI development and tracking.
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UPS is the largest speciality provider of machinery maintenance for rotating and reciprocating equipment in the United States, offering on-site supervision and craft labor for daily requirements, flexible manpower loading, planning and scheduling, and KPI development and tracking.
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About UPSCulture
At UPS, our culture is the most important part of who we are, as it defines everything we do. At its core is our unwavering commitment to flawless execution and superior results that provide maximum value—which we achieve through technical excellence, innovative solutions, and development of the service industry’s best-trained, most highly skilled workforce.

We firmly believe that people make the difference in any organization, and our dedication to you is reflected in our dedication to our team:

  • Employing people of the highest character and qualifications, who share our company values;
  • Training and developing employees for safe work and superior performance;
  • Rewarding hard work and commitment, and offering opportunities for individual advancement;
  • Providing staff with the infrastructure and technology to ensure the greatest opportunity for success;
  • Giving our team exceptional tooling and equipment to execute projects in the safest, most cost-effective manner

Craft Training

Since our founding, UPS has operated according to the principle that great companies are built with great employees—

and while many join our team with solid skills and experience, we believe strongly in the importance of investing in our team with comprehensive training programs that are designed to deliver improved safety performance, higher quality work, greater productivity, and lower cost. Consistent with this philosophy, all UPS craftsmen participate in professional training and development, and are continuously encouraged and inspired by our shared commitment to excellence.

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Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) excellence is not simply a consideration or a policy point at UPS—it is an integral, foundational component of our culture.

We believe safety and quality are inseparable, so we embrace accountability for the safety and well-being of our employees, as well as of the environment and the communities in which we work. Our internal safety team is comprised of a significant percentage of our overall staff, and collaborates diligently to create a responsive support system for our daily operations. At UPS, the importance of safety is demonstrated through our commitment to developing personnel, systems, and behavior that ensure that its consistent and verifiable application is a part of our corporate fabric—from executive leadership to the craftsmen who deliver results for you every day.

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We believe the mark of great companies is the consistent performance of quality work. To ensure our success of consistently performing at the highest quality standards, we start with the foundation of highly experienced and knowledgeable leadership and craft personnel. Then we provide valuable system enhancements to fully support daily operations.

A relevant example that differentiates us from the industry is our proprietary Synergy System® which puts technology, processes and technical requirements at the fingertips of our field leadership – the best and latest information electronically in their hands so they can focus on the task at hand. The Synergy System also ensures critical data is available on a real time basis. The result of our ongoing investment is that your project is done right the first time – with the added benefit of reducing the total cost of services.

Another example of quality process is our flange management system to ensure all flange or mechanical make-ups are assembled per our client pipe specification and bolting procedures. Each flange is inspected and mapped through multiple quality control checks and proven with the accountability of our craftsmen, supervision and quality personnel. This ensures your start-ups are leak free and your production on-line with quality, safety and reliability.

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