Engines and Reciprocating Compressors

From reciprocating compressors to cooling systems and drive engines, Universal Plant Services offers comprehensive shop and field services catering to all your critical rotating equipment needs. Our expertise extends to turbochargers, lube oil systems, and inlet filtration, ensuring top-notch compressor overhauls, upgrades, preventive maintenance, and preservation. Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, count on us to deliver unmatched support and service for all your compression and engine requirements.

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Equipment Serviced
  • Reciprocating compressors
  • Integral compressors
  • Drive engines
  • Turbochargers
  • Lube oil systems
  • Cooling systems
  • Inlet filtration system
  • Zero-hour engines, compressors, turbines, and pumps
  • Complete overhauls, upgrades, preventative maintenance and preservation
  • Planning and support
  • Rotalign/boralign/leveling services, cam alignments
  • Laser metrology
  • Casting repair, field machining, valve seat machining
  • Foundation and grout services
  • Oil flushing
  • In-place crankshaft repair
  • Pulsation and vibration analysis