investing in our people

At UPS, we provide the world-class training and support our team needs to be the best in the industry. Together, we invest our unparalleled industry knowledge, advanced technology and problem-solving expertise into solutions that deliver performance above all others. Our efforts extend beyond UPS, where we provide custom-tailored leadership training for clients and within the greater community.

Ignite Leadership Summit

ignite leadership summit 2022 video

Our Annual Ignite Leadership Summit is a two-day event that focuses on our performance achievements during the year, the challenges we faced, the awards our team garnered, and most of all, training around our commitment to leadership, safety and quality.

Day one of the event concentrates on strengthening leadership and management skills in sessions led by external professionals. In day two, training is provided that is specific to UPS policies, procedures and expectations in order to drive best practices and excellence at every level of the organization.

Monthly leadership focus

Weekly leadership focus

In our goal of ensuring excellence, we provide weekly targeted leadership development training delivered through the UPS podcast, online and on-site. This training which is leveraged onsite by supervisors during daily huddles with employees, provides important and pertinent curriculum to discuss with team members every day.

We engage with our people through ongoing dialogue and our weekly UPS Newsletter that reaches every employee in our company. Each month we focus on a leadership concept and every week our team receives communications to teach and inspire on those concepts via our Newsletter.

On-site training

On-site training

We believe that leadership is the single most important factor in building, training and developing high-performing teams. Our On-Site Training focuses on individual practices and personal character traits of individuals who make effective leaders. Created to develop and improve leadership skills in each of our supervisors, the program features a team of instructors who travels throughout the United States to lead training sessions, provide motivation and conduct scenario training exercises that reinforce the importance of leadership every day at UPS.

Online training program

To stay at the forefront of the industry, we provide ongoing training to on-board new employees and train existing employees in both technical and soft skills to equip them with the knowledge required to progress within our organization. This digital training allows the UPS team to continuously develop job-specific requirements anytime, anywhere, while ensuring that UPS- and client-required training, certification skills, safety and HR training is properly taught, tested and maintained.

Online Training Program