safety, we own it

From executive leadership to the craftsmen who expertly solve issues for our customers, the work conducted at UPS is defined by an unwavering adherence to safety. This focus is demonstrated through our commitment to developing systems and behaviors that make safety a part of our corporate fabric, and how every member of the UPS team operates every day.

safety2 program

Our Safety2 program is a critical part of the UPS culture, ensuring that all perceived and potential safety hazards are fully eliminated or mitigated before any work can start. The process begins with each UPS employee utilizing our custom UPS1 Safety application to examine the workspace for potential safety hazards.

1) How can I be injured?

2) What am I going to do about it?

If a hazard is identified, action is immediately taken to fully mitigate the problem prior to work commencement.

our performance is a testament to our relentless
pursuit of safety excellence

Even with continued growth in employees and hours worked, we consistently strive to maintain a low TRIR (total recordable incident rate) year after year.

safety awards

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